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Well-being is a teachable subject 📚

Our world-class mental health curriculum, the first of its kind in the region, enables us to equip our students with everything they need to be self-sufficient

Our Courses

From basic overview courses to detailed instruction – we have it all

Mental health First Aid

This module will be aimed at teaching learners ways to identify when someone is implicitly or explicitly having issues with their mental health

understanding the self

This module is all about looking inward to understand the self in relation to good wellbeing. We will take a dive into concepts of self-identity and self-discovery

Success as a Student

This module delves into what it means to be successful as a student. It will help students take a deeper look into the concepts of imposter syndrome & perfectionism

the digital era

This module discusses the role of digital platforms in our lives, the various kinds of communities that the digital world provides, and its impact on our real lives

Student Testimonials

"As someone who experienced mental health struggles as a freshman, the training PM provided was extremely useful."
Comefrodo, 24
“Peer-Minded's curriculum is the best thing to have happened to me in my entire life. I love PM, especially Anas”
Hafsa Ahmed, 54
"سارة هذه رسالة مخفية لك ، دعنا نرى إذا لاحظت ذلك. كما غيّر مفهوم الأقران حياتي وأشياءي. خط واحد إضافي ، برتقال ، تفاح ، دجاج ناجت ، فشار ، باربكيو كوري ، برياني
Ali Akbar, 19

Meet the Team

Hafsa Ahmed, CEO

Hafsa is an SRPP graduate from NYU Abu Dhabi and is currently studying something in London, UK

Sarah Alkaabi, COO

Sarah is also a graduate of NYU Abu Dhabi, and is currently working for the oil department, Gov of Abu Dhabi

Anas Jawed, CTO

Anas is also a graduate of NYU Abu Dhabi, and is currently working as a Software Engineer for Noon.com

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