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We are a youth-led advocacy collective focused on increasing youth wellbeing and youth engagement with mental health in the UAE. We do this by:

Building a peer support community: 

Through our virtual events and dialogues, digital resources, and on-campus activities, we place peer-to-peer support at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that mental wellbeing and resilience are achieved collectively. Strong social networks and supportive peers are key to unlocking thriving youth communities.

Facilitating knowledge exchange: 

We actively facilitate knowledge exchange by providing opportunities for learning and sharing about mental health topics. We do this by delivering workshops, conducting primary research, and producing content that inform and inspire people to prioritise their mental health. We love collaborating with other organisations and experts to disseminate best practices and innovations in mental health.

Advocating for young people’s mental wellbeing:

We are advocating for youth mental wellbeing by raising awareness about the challenges young people face, as well as the systemic changes that are needed to support them. Our core focus is to equip and empower young people to be self-advocates when it comes to their wellbeing. We conduct digital campaigns and public engagements to promote hope, resilience, and action for a healthier future for all young people in the UAE and beyond.

Meet the Team

Hafsa is leading on our advocacy activities and building partnerships with national/international stakeholders. She recently completed her master’s in social policy and development from the London School of Economics. Hafsa loves youth community-building and has advocated for youth wellbeing with UK Youth, Plan International, and AstraZeneca.

Sarah AlKaabi is leading on Peer-Minded’s business development and marketing aspects of the enterprise. She graduated from NYU Abu Dhabi with a degree in Economics. Her passion for mental health advocacy extends to contributing articles to Sail Magazine and participating in discussions promoting mental health in higher education systems in the UAE.

Anas Jawed is leading on technical development – including things such as the website and our learning platform. He graduated from NYU Abu Dhabi with a major in Computer Science, and currently works as a Software Development Engineer at noon.com. His specialties include backend engineering using Python, FastAPI and Kubernetes.

Intern Testimonials

Working at Peer-minded really helped me to develop different skill sets (such as organization skills, team work, marketing, and communication skills). Not only that, I could learn how to engage the audience (marketing through social media) in a professional setting.
Minseo Park
The best word to describe interning at Peer-minded is 'rewarding', because I truly felt like I was making an impact via utilizing my knowledge on two of my biggest passions: mental health advocacy and education.
Moyosoreoluwa Olatosi
Working with peerminded has been one of the most lovely work experiences I have ever had. Not only is the work environment accommodating to my needs as an intern, the core team took the time to get to know me on a personal level which strengthened our bond.
Mbiko Mayaka

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Curious to learn more or collaborate with us to advocate for youth wellbeing in the UAE? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at info@peer-minded.com